The danger of flying with Ryanair: not as cheap as it suppose to be

The main aim of TravelTuesdays blog is to prepare all solo travelers, especially new ones, for the best trip of their lives. The best way for going long distances is flying. However, everything can happen, and even a trustworthy and cheap company as Ryanair can endanger your best trip and destroy all your plans.

This is a story from our follower Svetlana Prokoviv about her perfect trip to Oslo to her beloved one, and about at not so perfect flight back home.

“Hello, My name is Sveta. Today I’m going to tell you about my adventure flying to Oslo and how I got back home.

I did not foresee any difficulties. I was sitting in a train going straight to the airport. The views of the mountains, the sunny weather and the people around made me feel so excited. The train was going fast and went into the tunnel.  1 minute…2 minutes… I did not know what was waiting for me outside that tunnel. There were rain and a gray sky!  I did not expect to see this; I was wondering how it could be possible. The weather was changing so fast that I could not believe my eyes. After just a few minutes, the sun was shining in a sky again, and everyone forgot about the rain and the gray sky. But…not for too long.

The people arrived at the airport and everyone was preparing for the flight. People started to wonder about the weather outside while they were waiting for the flight. A big cloud was covering the land so fast that it was impossible to see the planes from a big window in the airport. Passengers got the information that our plane was going to come a little bit later, so all the people needed were to wait for an advice of the airport service. It wasn’t only my plane that didn’t depart – no planes could, and after 2 hours of waiting, we got the information that our flight was canceled. At the same time, all of the people had gotten the advice to go to the information desk of Ryanair Company. All of those 300 (or more) people went to the same desk…

I was standing in a huge line full of angry passengers that all tried to change their tickets. I cannot express in words what I felt: 10 pm and I’m alone, being far from the city, without a phone battery. What should I do? Only the first 5 people in the line could change their tickets for another flight for free, the rest were just buying the expensive tickets to go back to Poland, and not even to Warsaw, but to other cities only.  Some worker told me that there was no need to worry and he gave me an instruction about how I could change my ticket online. I went to the bus station and saw many people crying.  At least the airport gave us the information that buses would take people to their hostels. The airport was going to be closed soon and no one knew when those buses would come. I understood that I couldn’t do anything in that moment – not even change the ticket. The only thing I could to pick was to go back to Oslo and meet my beloved again.

…Fortunately one girl noticed that I looked disappointed and asked: “Do you want to go back to Oslo?” I said: “Yeah, that would be great, how much do you want for it?”  “Oh, no worries, I will take you for free!” She offered me her extra battery and I called my boyfriend. This girl told me the story of how she was missing her science conference. It was very important for her, she was crying too…

It was a midnight, and somehow we went back to Oslo. I was nervous because it was the first situation in my life where I could not help myself at all. Once we tried to change my ticket online, I realized that all my information about the flight, all my reservations, even the first ticket to Oslo, disappeared. It was something that I couldn’t have expected. We found another ticket from another company because I couldn’t do anything else with this situation.

I am not trying to say that Ryanair is a bad company and I’m not their hater. I am just trying to show you that trips, whatever you expect from them, can be a little difficult sometimes, and we should take all the details into account. No, we cannot know for sure what the weather will be, but my point is here – I would not suggest Ryanair Company.”

Be safe, read TravelTuesdays blog, and share with us your stories.


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