The best destinations for your first solo trip

I remember my first solo trip. I was an 18 year old girl standing alone with a huge luggage at the middle of a music festival area. There were 170 thousand people and nobody was able to tell me where I should go and where I could find the camp for volunteers. I had mixed feelings: I was crying because of loneliness and at the same time I felt safety.

Summer will come in 2 months and everything around us will be full of serenity and happiness. So, it is a perfect time to start your preparations for the first solo trip now.

First of all, you should understand that during the solo trip you will build up a strong trust in yourself and all the people around you. All the problems will be just yours, but don’t be scared to ask people for help, because “the world is more positive than we think”, solo traveler Nick said in our interview.

Before going on a trip you should at least know where to go, that is why TravelTuesdaysBlog proposes you the best destinations for having fun this summer.


It’s one of the best European countries for solo trips.

You will realize that it’s a paradise for your crazy soul. Be wild, allow yourself to do whatever you want and realize that everybody supports you. It’s a country of open minded people without any peace of shyness.

Roskilde Festival

roskilde-festival-2010.jpgThis year Roskilde will open its gates from June 24th until July 1st. The festival hosted more than 150 thousand festivalgoers with more than 30 thousand volunteers last year. Talking about volunteering…Working as a volunteer will save you money by having vouchers for free food and alcohol, hot showers and the best place for relaxation (a special camp for volunteers). Interested in having fun and listening to high quality music?
Then check out Roskilde Festival’s official page 


Is a small city which perfectly fits hipster solo travelers. Copenhagen is a perfect place for enjoying cycling trips, art museums and chilling

Discover the ultimate freedom of Christiana.


I smoked weed with unknown Nepalese guys in Christiania at eleven o’clock in the morning, and they told me about Kathmandu,” experienced solo traveler Nick shared with us.


Do you like underground art?

Then Warehouse9 is a perfect place for you. This place hosts bizarre parties and performances which focus on contemporary music, art, and poetry.


Sometimes it seems that France just consists of the Alps, Paris, and Nice and there is nothing else interesting rather than those typical crowded places and there is nothing else to try, rather than French cheese, vine, and croissants.

There are no doubts that the best croissants you will ever try are in France, but this is not the end of the French cuisine.


Try French onion soup made with wine, cheese and served with crispy baguette.


This is not a well-known fact, but French people also like eating meat. Boeuf Bourguignon is a dish from the Burgundy region made with beef, onions, carrots and celery baked in red wine sauce.


This fantastic place was crowned as “European Park of mountain” by the Council of Europe and it locates in the unique French Alps, where you will experience all the strength of Mother Nature.



This mysterious town locates in south-central France on a cliffy land. The astonishing construction of layers and layers of houses and chapels with an old castle on the top was admitted into the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.



This small country will greet you with fresh air, an atmosphere of happiness, open people, and big portions of food.

Montenegro is a perfect place for those who like eating. Here you will taste the sweetest watermelons, peaches, and figs in the world and will see how kiwi grows.  If you want to try oysters (but in your country they are quite expensive), then go on a trip to the oyster’s farm and try them freshly caught with a slice of lemon and get unforgettable pleasure. The best  Montenegrin sea food restaurants locate on the Adriatic Sea bay, while the tender veal and lamb with a sweet and sour sauce is better to taste in the mountainous regions of the country.


It seems that this small town locates on a holy land because of the number of old churches. It hides in a magic place where you will be able to see Montenegrin fiords, enjoy the Adriatic sea, and explore the old history. This quite medieval place was included in the UNESCO Heritage Site in 1979 because of its incredible old architecture and the 4,5 km length wall surrounding the old town.


Durmitor National Park


It is a 39 thousand acres large park with more than 23 mountain tops. Enjoy eating local creamy ice cream on the bays of Tara and Piva rivers, listening to the charming symphony of more than 130 types of birds’ voices.

Rafting for beginners

Try rafting on Tara River with an advanced local coach who will make your trip crazy. During the summer time you will enjoy the rafting without any danger for your life, try the crystal mountain river water and do not forget about sunscreen.

Tara River Rafting 1

P.S. If you prefer adrenalin, then come to Montenegro during the spring fall.

Sveti Stefan island


It is 12 km2 hotel-island with a nice open-air square. To get inside you will need to either book a room in the hotel or to book a table in one of the restaurants. Then you can enjoy local food watching the beautiful Montenegrin landscapes.


It’s a big challenge to find true Italian pizza even in Italy, because of a huge number of tourists. But if you will decide to try it, then TravelTuesdaysBlog will send you into the most hidden, quiet and beautiful places in Italy, so you will be able to enjoy the truthful taste of Italy.

The Cinque Terre


Colorful fairytale. The Cinque Terre is a place for your soul. The excessive house building and the creation of major roadways have been forbidden there, that is why you will enjoy the sound of the surf, hot Italian conversations and traditional music without annoying vehicle noise.

Lake District


Northern Italy is mountainous and rich on lakes with crystal fresh water. Lake District has warmly welcomed tourists for already 100 years by its good food and charming landscapes.

Belluno Dolomites

The best Italian National park locates in north-eastern Italy. The Dolomites form a part of Limestone Alps and are surrounded by the River Adige and the Piave Valley. Worth to hike there.


Have a good trip!!!
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