5 YouTube channels that will help you plan your first solo trip


It seems that Christine Kaaloa knows everything about travelling alone. This nice woman will introduce and prepare you for a range of challenges that you can meet during your trip. BUT please, do not be afraid… After her videos, you will know how to pack your luggage, which medicine you should have and how to eat street food, and be sure that you will not get food poisoning.


BackPacker Steve


Advanced and well prepared for travelling, videographer Steve will show all the beauty of this world. During his trips he focuses on active and independent pastimes. Steve will give you good hints about what should you see in each country and how much it could cost.
Enjoy new videos each Thursday





 The Food Ranger

Are you always hungry? Will you dare to eat unknown street food in the middle of nowhere? Then join Trevor James and feel this world from the tasty side.




Two brothers work hard in America to save money for flourishing trips around the world. These restless guys are not able to breathe without travelling. On their channel, they will show you all the cachets of every place where they have been.

Do you think that they live your dream? No way…They show that everything is possible, especially if you reeeeeeeeeeeeally want it.


Expert Vagabond


It is not good photo editing, it is our immaculate Earth. If you are craving to know where this fairytale is, then check Expert Vagabond’s YouTube channel.



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