Check list: What should I know for a perfectly safe trip

“People need just 5 things for feeling comfortable during the trip”, my colleague stated during our volunteering. “You need a bed, a thing that you can cook food with, a place where you can save this food, a thing which will keep you warm and toilet.” He has travelled all his life and knows what is important for him to feel comfortable. “I am like a snail during the trips.”

Lots of people who like comfort and like to be prepared for any tight corner, would think, “Crazy man.”

You could be either not prepared at all and experience the creativity of your brain in a critical situation, or you can prepare everything in advance. For those who will travel solo for their first time, a travel guide is recommended to be prepared in advance.


 Check list of what do you need to know and to have for the perfectly safe trip:

galochka(1) check if you need visa

galochka(1) know the number and address of your country’s embassy;

galochka(1) book your accommodation before the trip;

galochka(1) remember about your body’s problems. Take medicine with you;

galochka(1) take medicine for diarrhea (could be important for exotic-food-lovers);

galochka(1) know what you want to see and do during your trip;

galochka(1) check before you trip how to get from airport to your accommodation;

galochka(1) check weather forecast;

galochka(1) raincoat could always be useful;

galochka(1) do you know the cultural assumption?


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