People don’t take trips, trips take people


…solo travel movie:

Check out Tracks as well.

…flight search engine: I always find my best deals here.

Boat! I love what can surround you when travelling on water.

… wanderlust-triggering photo:

Douro, Portugal

…item to pack:
Journal. Journal, journal, journal.


…escape-the-heat destination:
Iceland. Volcanoes, horses, geysers, hot springs – with an average of 11°C (52°F) in July!

…escape-the-cold destination:
Kerala, India.

…eco AND budget solution:
This ridiculously CHEAP (even more until you turn 27) train pass allows you to travel around Europe or within a country: one can choose the most suitable option for them to control pace and amount of rides.
Ps. They have a big sale now!
Ps2. For non-European citizens, Eurail Pass is for you!

…song for the road trip:
”Kansas City” by Marcus Mumford. Listen here.

…safety item:
Buy one where you are. They are not that expensive and that way you can always have your phone turned on without worrying about ridiculous fees back home. Tell your parents or whoever your new number. Also – it is awesome to collect SIM-cards from all over the world as souvenirs! Apart from this, it is always good to have the same mindset as when at home.

Leaving lots of blank spaces in your itinerary is leaving space for magic (aka, avoid overplanning).


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