Interview with Elvira: “Travelling alone you can experience your own soul.”

After recording the video, Elvira and I sat in the student café and of course Elvira bought coffee. “Swedish people are crazy about coffee. We love it!” Elvira is an always smiling 25 year old girl. She believes that everybody needs to try traveling alone at least once, because “you can experience your soul.”

“Once I just realised that I need time for myself.” She left her job at a café, packed her luggage and went to the Czech Republic.

“I mainly only spent time with one of my friends there.” The rest of her time, Elvira sat in a cozy cafe, drinking coffee and writing a book.”I haven’t finished it yet, but I almost finished another one.” Smiling…

“I wish I will find a lifestyle where I will balance rest and working.” For Elvira, traveling alone is a way to relax.

I’ve herd in a movie that each soul has its own melody. Elvira’s one sounds like Moonlight Sonata in combination with wild dancing and the smell of spices.

“Once I was on a motorcycle without helmet with the speed of 120km/h in India. Oh… Gosh… They have crazy traffic there,” however Elvira admitted that having relationships is way harder than doing something frivolous and rash.

Do you want to know more about Elvira and her trips alone? Watch our interview and get more useful information 🙂


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