10 instagram accounts that will inspire you for travelling

“I need to work a lot”, “ I do not have money”, “ I do not have anybody for travelling with me”, “ Give me a chocolate and leave me alone,” we always trying to find reasons to say “No” for travelling.

TRAVELLING – sounds complicated, cause we need to book tickets, find hotel, find appropriate time and appropriate person.
The only one reason, why we do not go on unforgettable journeys is lack of motivation. Traveling could be cheap, easy and solo. TravelTuesdaysBlog will give you inspiration and show you how to do that.

1. @travellingdestinations

Paris, Turkey, India and right after that New York. No, it’s not a crazy traveler with strange sense of orientation. This profile collects the most beautiful pictures given by its users who travel around the world. Why will it motivate you? At least because you will want to be a part of this profile and to see your own picture there.



2. @mali.mish

Traveling with a 3 little kids and a cat for 9 years sounds crazy and almost impossible, but not for adventure lovers from North America. This adorable family lives in their motor home. Sounds uncomfortable, but traveling is not about comfort, travelling it’s about opening boarders and getting positive energy, which will inspire you for the whole working year.



3.  @adventurouskate

Kate McCulley stands for solo trips and independent travel women. She already has been at 67 countries and she is not going to stop on that. Kate McCulley is traveling for 6 years and she gets money by promoting different products under her photos. So, maybe you will also find a sponsor for your unforgettable colorful trips?



4. @theplanetd

A blog of nice couple Dave and Dab who are traveling around the world and already have been in 100 countries. They will introduce you all incredible 7 continents of this world!




Solo trip for girl is possible and could be safe. Christine Kaaloa calling her blog the “imperfect adventures of a solo traveler.”
Also she shares experience how to eat street food safety or pack luggage easily on her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/grrrltraveler



6. @worldwanderlust

24 year old girl lost in time and countries seems like she can be everywhere and do whatever she wants. Brooke Saward travels for all the time and enjoys the world, while you are just dreaming about unforgettable trips.



7. @urbanpixxels

This blog will inspire you on beautiful fashionable trips in chilling out mood. Photos were made in soft tones and with a high sense of taste. You will feel like you are watching pictures from VOGUE or BAZAR magazines.



8. @Danielkordan

Daniel Kordan is a landscape photographer whose gripping works of landscapes would not give you any chance to seat at home. He prefers to open amazing world of Norway, Russia, Japan, Italy and New Zealand.



9. @travelinglens

New York –city of big dreams, you can fall in love with it after this Instagram account. Vivienne Gucwa is a photographer from New York and she is a brand ambassador for Sony’s Alpha camera and she likes snow.



10. @girlatworld

This blog is definitely for hungry people. Melisa takes photos in different countries with traditional for them dishes. “Eating my way around the world,” she wrote aat her Instagrem page.



Do not sit at home! Use your time, enjoy your life!


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